Technical Support

You need to dose a chemical in a process but are not sure what you need? You need to replace an existing dosing pump, but don’t you are not sure which new pump and accessory you will need? All you need not know is that our technical customer support will reply to your questions, even if you are not yet our customer. Simply on the phone.

On the phone we support you with the choice of the right products for your application and in many cases also for the optimisation of entire application systems.We can arrange for our field sales team to visit you and discuss your needs. You can receive a full quotation for your consideration and confidence you are receiving the best product and support you need.

Customer support on the phone is part of the Etatron support, even if you may never have bought our product before just ask. Our comprehensive product catalogue will help you pick the correct items you need but for reassurance and precisely for this reason we have the right product for almost every task and people to support.

As a valued customer please do request specification and installation support from our highly experienced support Engineers and Logistics staff to assist you. Our ambition is to provide effective customer support wherever you are in the world. We have the facilities to train engineers at our production facilities in Rome and constantly aim to give cost efficient and effective support.

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After Sales Support

Etatron is committed to total customer support. We offer a total customer care service for the correct of use of our Chemical Dosing Equipment to give maximum efficiency and cost saving.

Icona Installation and Operation

Installation and Operation

The Etatron products are supported professionally trained engineers and technicians.

Icona Commissioning


In Italy and across the world we have commissioning services available, therefore increasing your position in a competitive market to gain business. After commissioning our engineers and service technician can train and inform the customer on the correct operation for the Etatron equipment installed

Icona Maintenance


Regular preventative maintenance by service engineers and technicians enables an higher standard of operational safety, reduces costs and extends the lifetime of the equipment installed. Maintenance contracts are available to meet your requirements.

Icona Repair


We can offer repairs to Etatron equipment either in our production facilities or on site. All repairs are completed by our fully trained service technicians and engineers.

Icona Trouble


There are occasions when system problems arise arise with the operation of our Etatron equipment.. Etatron we help you understand the problem, recognize the changes needed and give you solutions to problems! Our engineers and technicians will be pleased to help you and in most cases your questions can directly be answered on the phone. If telephone support does not cure the problems, Etatron will endeavour to send a technician, engineer or representative to support your needs.

Chemical Dosing Pumps and Equipment Spares

The Etatron range of Chemical Dosing Pumps, Equipment and Accessories is vast and we value total customer support. We stock a full range of Etatron spares that can be sent to you efficiently and quickly to help prevent costly down time of a dosing system.

If you would like to receive further information about our extensive range of product spares, please submit a spare part enquiry. We will contact you with the spare part price and delivery schedule.


Etatron is in a position to help you learn about our products and how they integrate into Dosing and Disinfection systems. Your understanding of the technical basis of our products is the prerequisite for your confidence in them. Our support to the customer will be made easier and more efficient by us listening to your needs and training you with solutions. Of course all training will be undertaken in our high tech facilities in Rome (Italy).

We can offer as follows:
  • Basic Dosing Technology Seminars
  • Higher Level Technical Seminars
  • Project Planning
  • Maintenance training


The Etatron Price List catalogue gives detailed explanation of each Chemical Dosing Pump or item of Equipment and the correct part code. By reading this information the options available for a particular dosing pump or item of equipment can be selected.

This is dependent on the pump selected. In general terms our Chemical Dosing Pumps are supplied with a Foot Filter, Injection Valve, Suction and Discharge Tubing. Our The Etatron Price List catalogue gives detailed explanations.

Again this is dependent upon the pump selected. We supply all the required fittings and O Rings. Our Etatron Price List catalogue gives detailed explanations

The foot filter is complete accessory to sit inside the chemical tank. It is also acts as a check valve to keep a positive direction of flow. The foot filter also aids in repeatability and priming of the pump. It also has a strainer to prevent particles from being drawn into the suction line. Small particles may cut or tear the diaphragm. To help prevent this from happening, the foot filter should be kept off the bottom of the tank and mounted in a vertical position.

Injection valves are used to connect the pump discharge line to the point of injection. Injection valves are not to be used as an isolation device or for anti-siphon protection. Furthermore the Injection Valve gives all important back pressure to ensure correct operation of the dosing pump.

A float switch is a very useful device to control the liquid level in a tank. As the liquid level decreases, the float sinks and closes contacts that can be used to control the function of a Chemical Dosing Pump, for example stop/start operation. It can be used to turn on an alarm or indicator lamp to show that the tank is empty. Likewise it can be used by reversing the float action, to show that the tank is full.

A properly sized pulsation dampener dramatically reduces pulsations and gives a smooth flow.

Diego as this is pump specific it would be best to ask technical office to answer this FAQ for the web

Essentially liquids and gases can be dosed. Appropriate materials are available for the dosing of either flammable, or toxic or corrosive media. For details, please see the Product Information sheets. For more specific information, please contact us directly or one of our sales offices.

The maximum working pressure is 275 bars, this pressure can be reached in using the pumps of the HP1-D model. Etatron has a vast range of pumps that can handle many different chemicals and pressures

Etatron can be used outside if correct consideration of IP ratings, siting and electrical safety is completed. Hyperlink in here to an approved IP rating table. For more specific information, please contact us directly or one of our sales offices.

This depends upon the pump head and seals used. For more specific information, please contact us directly or one of our sales offices.

Etatron offers a wide range of motor driven pumps. The dosing rate in litres per hour ranges from 5 to 5567,6.