“Heavy duty wall mounted Digital Solenoid Dosing Pump”

The BT range is designed for larger Flow Rates (Up to 80 L/H)

• Flow rate up to 80 l/h
• Operating pressure up to 20 bar
• Standard pump head: PP or PVDF body, PTFE diaphragm, ceramic balls, FPM sealings*
• 30 – 80 l/h pumps are supplied with PVC pump heads and accessories with fittings for 10×14 tubing
• The casing is in aluminium protected with two coats of epoxy paint
• Manual air bleed pump head; from 5 to 15l/h automatic air bleed available on request
• Control panel protection assured by a transparent polycarbonate cover with gasket
• Level probe input
• IP65 protection degree
• Wall mounted
• Power Supply: 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
• On request power supply: 240 Vac 50-60 Hz; 110 Vac 50-60 Hz
• Strokes frequency: 160 impulses/minute maximum (5-20 L/H models only) - 180 impulses/minute
maximum (30-80 L/H models only)
• CE (standard) and CSA certied (on request)
• Digital manual flow rate adjustment 0÷100%
• Proportional dosing modes: 1xn; 1xn (m) 1:n; PPM
• Daily and weekly timer (8 programmes/day)
• Adjustable 0/4-20mA
• Flow sensor input
• Relay Output

*different configurations available upon request