The need to add a series of chemicals to the water and food feeding animals (poultry, pigs, rabbits, etc.) makes it necessary the usage of dosing systems in modern farming systems. As it comes to food, precision and reliability of the products are mandatory in this type of application. In this regards, Etatron products represent an ideal solution to inject the chemical in the inline dispenser or conveyors so that to treat the pipeline water and get the livestock properly medicated and/or fed. In particular eOne series, which automatically adjusts the dosage as the pressure in the hydraulic pipeline varies. These pumps can be controlled by a pulse-throwing counter, by a measuring instrument or by a PLC, allowing a dosage proportional to the water flow or to the measurement value of the chemical parameters.

Pumps with diaphragm motor or plunger piston Electromagnetic pumps with manual or proportional flow control or with integrated measuring instrument; also for the eOne series with automatic control of the flow rate adjustment as a function of pressure.

Regulation and control instruments with remote control predisposition and complete pre-assembled panels.