eSelect M1

“Measure and control instruments”

eSelect-SR series is a family of controllers with one channel measure (+ temperature). The wide graphic display and
the user-friendly navigation make it a very simple product for the end-user. Predisposed for Eatcloud connection,
thanks to the “Connection Kit” (not included with the controller) the eSelect-SR can be managed in a remote way.

THe eSelect SR is a multi-function measuring instrument featuring one measurement parameter suitable for measuring the pH, Rx (Redox), Free CHLORINE (Residual), Total CHLORINE and Conductivity.
The eSelect SR range, along with high quality performances and advanced functions, offers several
characteristics that make it versatile and easy to use.

  • Available measures: pH, Redox (mV), Free Chlorine (ppm), Total Chlorine (ppm),
  • Conductivity and temperature (C°)
  • Chlorine measure (ppm) by selective membrane sensor or amperometric cell Platinum-Copper
  • 2 setpoint, ON/OFF mode or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation);
  • Version pH or Redox, selectable from the user
  • Timer mode, connected to auxiliary realy
  • N.2 4-20mA outputs, programmable from the user
  • Adjustable hystesys on setpoint value; delay time on activation relay
  • Alarm MAX and MIN mode on measure value
  • Overdosing Alarm (excessive dosing time)
  • Timer built-in to manage start/stop of the controller
  • Input for level sensor or flow sensor
  • PH and Rx can be selected on the same model by simply programming and using the related probe;
  • Free or Total Chlorine measure may be chosen on the basis of the type of sensor used and the relative measuring range:
  1. ion-selective membrane sensors with measure ranges 0-2 Cl ppm; 0-20 Cl ppm; 0-20 Cl ppm (Total);
  2. open type amperometric cell (model CLC) with measure range 0-10 Cl ppm
  • Timed AUX outputs programming; Adjustable timer mode; switch-on time programming.
  • Suitable for software EtaCloud connection; optional accessory: connectivity kit
  • Available boxes: wall mounting (IP65)
  • Backlighted graphic display (128x64)
  • Start-up delay
  • Alarm relay, NO or NC programmable from the user
  • Automatic temperature compensation, (by PT100 probe o NTC) or manual
eSelect M1 Download datasheet

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