eSelect M TOUCH

“Strumenti di misura e controllo”

eSelect-M TOUCH series is a family of controllers with four channels measures (+ temperature). The wide 7”
touch display and the user-friendly navigation make it a very simple product for the end-user. Predisposed for
Eatcloud connection, thanks to the “Connection Kit” (not included with the controller) the eSelect-M TOUCH can
be managed remotely.

• Measures: pH, Redox (mV), Free Chlorine (ppm) Total
• Chlorine (ppm) and temperature (C°)
• Standard version: pH – Rx – CL- CL tot.
• N.1 4-20mA outputs, programmable from the user, for each measure
• Chlorine measure (ppm) by selective membrane sensor or amperometric cell Platinum-Copper
• 1 setpoint for each measure, ON/OFF mode or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation); (2 set points only for the
first measure)
• Adjustable hystesys on setpoint value; delay time on activation relay
• Alarm MAX and MIN mode on each measure
• Overdosing Alarm (excessive dosing time) for each measure
• Alarm relay, NO
• LCD Touch Display (800x480 pixel)
• Timer built-in to manage start/stop of the controller
• Start-up delay
• N.1 inputs for level probe for each measure
• Flow sensor input
• 3 Time-programmable AUX outputs
• Possibility to enter Administrator Password

eSelect M TOUCH Download datasheet