“Diaphragm motor-driven dosing pumps”

The metering pumps D series are driven by an electric motor, the dosage takes place thanks to a NBR/PTFE
(material in contact with the liquid) diaphragm. The D series pumps make their robustness and reliability their
main characteristic.

• Valves: Single ball with SS316L pump head - Double balls with PVC pump head
• Frequency: 60, 103 and 120 strokes/min at 50Hz - 72 and 122 strokes/min at 60Hz
• Diaphragm in NBR/PTFE - PTFE material in contact with the chemical
• Die-cast aluminum housing protected by epoxy/antiacid paint
• Max Flow rate: 535 l/h at 50Hz - 574 l/h at 60Hz
• Standard Power Supply: 230-400V 3phases 50Hz
• Motor: 0.25 or 0.37 kW
• Pump Head: PVC, SS316L or PVDF
• Max Pressure: 12 bar
• Balls: ceramic or SS316L
• Ball seats FPM, EPDM or NBR
• Valves seats in PVC or PVDF
• IP55 protection degree
• Insulation class: F

On request
D pumps series can be equipped with:

• Without motor
• UL/CSA motor certification
• Single-phase motor
• Self-ventilated motor
• ATEX motor
• Tropicalized motor

• NPT hydraulic connections
• Larger dimensions valves

Regulation and control by an external signal:
• Electric actuator (automatic adjustment of piston “run” by a 4-20mA signal)
• Inverter (automatic adjustment od motor speed by a 4-20mA signal)

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