Control and regulating system for free chlorine, made of AG-SELECT-B1 controller, block valves, connection for tube 4x6 mm and 10x14 mm, water filter with washable net cartridge 150 microns, methacrylate probe holder with proximity switch and adjustment flow system, manual sampling, free inorganic and organic chlorine probe, (0 – 20) ppm measuring range, probe shows low pH dependence (pH working range 4-12pH), chlorine measuring is not affected by isocyanuric acid, surfactants/flocculants presence, the probe is automatic temperature-compensated, 0,7 mt probe cable, 1 manual pump wiring connection available in the central box trunking.
The unit required a constant flow rate between 30 and 40l/h, do not exceed the maximum operating pressure of 1 bar (free discharge at probe holder outlet) while water temperature cannot overcome 45°C. The probe has integrated temperature compensation.

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