All our products are manufactured in accordance with CE regulations - Die-cast aluminium housing protected by epoxy/anti-acid paint - Flow rate is achieved by by operation of a dial control to adjust the stroke length rate from 10%-100% - The vertically motor drives the pump via a coupling (BP and BD series) - Standard motors are “TEFC”, 3 phase: 0.18 Kw - 0.25 Kw - 0.37 Kw - 0.55Kw -0.75 Kw; 1400 rpm, Isolation Class F; Protection rating IP55 - Standard power supply: 230/400 Vca / 3 phase / 50 Hz - 275/480 Vca / 3 phase / 60 Hz - Other power supply options available upon request: 230 Vca Single-phase motors 50 or 60 Hz 110 Vca Single-phase 50 or 60 Hz - Tropicalized motors - Other options: Servo motor mechanism which accepts 4-20mA input to remotely control stroke length - Frequency inverter control.


Gm: Tread gas male BSPm
Valves type: Piston Ø30, Ø48 e Ø67 (PVC and PVDF): double ball check valve Piton Ø48 (AISI 316), Ø67 (AISI 316) e Ø95(PVC and AISI 316): sigle ball check valve
Standard power supply: 230 – 400 V three phase 50 Hz • 275 – 480 V three phase 60 Hz • isolation class F Upon Request: Configuration with high capacity valves for viscus liquids (AISI) 3/4” connection


Designed to handle the toughest applications. plungers are made in AISI 316 or Ceramics. The BP pump will increase process reliability due to its robust, state of the art design enabling Etatron D.S. dosing pumps to meet the requirements of almost any application to treat euent water and waste water, slurry, processing waste, wood yard waste and recycling. Etatron D.S. pumps are used across many industries such as brewing, chemical, pharmaceuticals, detergency, agriculture and other application areas.


Features: Flow capacities of 14 to 1027 l/h (3,69 to 271,3 GPH) at 50 Hz - 17 to 1004 l/h (4,49 to 265,2 GPH) at 60 Hz • Pressure up to 25 bar (360 PSI) • Strokes: 60-60-103-103-120 at 50 Hz - 72-72-122-122 at 60 Hz • Stroke lengths: 13-14,5-20 mm - 5,1”-5,7”-7,8” • Motor Power range: 0,25- 0,37- 0,55 and 0,75 kW.

Piston type pumps are suitable when:Higher pressures are required - Pumped liquid is not abrasive and does not contain suspended solid particles - Dosing is not essential.

Pump head: Standard pump head materials are SS316 and PVC - Check valve assemblies (single or double ball) are design for easy maintenace and access - Standard connections are Gas Male-BPSm threads - Piston Seals are “lip” type.

AA Conguration: AISI (Stainless Steel) 316 pump heads

BA Conguration: PVC pump heads

CA Conguration: PP pump heads.

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