All our products are manufactured in accordance with CE regulations - Die-cast aluminium housing protected by epoxy/anti-acid paint - Flow rate is achieved by by operation of a dial control to adjust the stroke length rate from 10%-100% - The vertically motor drives the pump via a coupling (BP and BD series) - Standard motors are “TEFC”, 3 phase: 0.18 Kw - 0.25 Kw - 0.37 Kw - 0.55Kw -0.75 Kw; 1400 rpm, Isolation Class F; Protection rating IP55 - Standard power supply: 230/400 Vca / 3 phase / 50 Hz - 275/480 Vca / 3 phase / 60 Hz - Other power supply options available upon request: 230 Vca Single-phase motors 50 or 60 Hz 110 Vca Single-phase 50 or 60 Hz - Tropicalized motors - Other options: Servo motor mechanism which accepts 4-20mA input to remotely control stroke length - Frequency inverter control.


Gm: Tread gas male BSPm

Valves type: Piston Ø16, Ø30 and Ø48 (PVC and PVDF): double ball check valve, AISI 316 piston Ø48: sigle ball check valve.
Standard power supply: 230 – 400 V three phase 50 Hz • 275 – 480 V three phase 60 Hz • isolation class F
Upon Request: Conguration with high capacity valves for viscus liquids (AISI) 3/4” connection.


Compact mechanical piston dosing pumps, spring return mechanism, reduction gear are fully enclosed and operate in an oil bath lubricated aluminium casing. Long life V-Rings seals providing the best seal for dynamic, high temperature and caustic environments. The V-Ring seal is an all-rubber seal that seats directly on the pump piston and seals axially. The V-Ring seal is not recommended in abrasive conditions.


Features: Flow capacities of 6 to 190 l/h (1,59 to 50,20 GPH) at 50 Hz - 7 to 114 l/h (1,85 to 30,12 GPH) at 50 Hz • Pressure up to 20 bar (290 PSI) • Strokes: 60-60-120-120-120 at 50 Hz - 72-72 at 60 Hz • Stroke lengths: 9,3-12,3-15 mm - 3,7”-4,8”-5,9” • Motor Power range: 0,18 kW.

Piston type pumps are suitable when: Higher pressures are required - Pumped liquid is not abrasive and does not contain suspended solid particles - Dosing is not essential.

Pump head: Standard pump head materials are SS316 and PVC - Check valve assemblies (single or double ball) are design for easy maintenace and access - Standard connections are Gas Male-BPSm threads - Piston Seals are “lip” type.


AA Conguration: AISI (Stainless Steel) 316 pump heads

BA Conguration: PVC pump heads

CA Conguration: PP pump heads.


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